Sarah, a beautiful name that for some reason always inspires to me peace and beauty…
The Sarah I am talking about was blessed only by the beauty, while peace was so far from her life. At least for the last 17 or so years of her life.

One more time, death strikes in a very ugly way. Death by itself is always ugly, how come when it is brought on the hands of the person who is supposed to be the protector!!
Less than two years ago, crimes like this used to shake the media and country for a while. Not this time. Although the crime was worse than a da3esh one, the shock seems to be smaller than usual. It seems people got used to this kind of ferocity or simply got hopeless. Sad news. Scary news.
Does life really goes on for everyone? Did death become so casual and cheap? Is the human being so cheap?

Life goes on, but not the same way. And one more time, I ask WHO’S NEXT?!
It could be a lady reading this article right now, or her friend. Or another one who’s at this moment receiving the torture from a sick beast, her husband, who entitled himself to own her.
Frankly, this kind of situation used to make me so angry, this time I feel speechless.
What is the world waiting for to react. And by react I mean ACT……..
Does it need a mass massacre? Or maybe all those victims must come visit us every night in our dreams? Or … Or… Or…

I cannot deny that the laws in Lebanon are improving concerning the woman’s protection. But this is not enough….
The many associations are doing great job helping abused women. But this is not enough….
Let’s face it, and don’t blame only the Lebanese government, while this is an international problem.
The main killer of Sarah is not Ali, her husband. Ali just did the physical action of killing. But the main killers are the whole culture and Lebanese society.
After 17 years of torture, Sarah had the courage to leave the house, surely knowing that her husband might end her life in a way or another. The last voice message sent to her friend shows her genuine fear. They “made” her come back. “Walaw, btetrok bayta, what a bitch..!!!!”

Our patriarchal culture does help increasing the issue of course. The way we raise our little boys and girls. The boy has the right to do everything he wants, but the girl is tagged with the “honor” issue.
This stupid “honor” that for many comes only from her virginity and from staying stuck in a killing marriage. She should stay “mastoura” in her marriage no matter what hell she is going through…
Shut your mouth up and hug him, post beautiful photos on Facebook and get so many fake likes and stupid comments.
To hell what the world thinks…!!!!!!
Your safety is more important than anything and anyone…..
This is what we should work on, erasing this crazy and shallow word from our dictionary: -“3ayb”…. So many wrong and shameful things are happening in our society, but the only 3ayb they see is divorce…!!!!! Shou hal jersa… And I guess this is the key of every Lebanese abusive man..!!! Knowing that the woman would live under his mercy forever just not be shamed by a divorce….

Following are few of the real 3AYB we should highlight:
Shame & 3ayb  on every parent who don’t support their daughter to get out of a dirty marriage…
Shame & 3ayb on every religious person who make it hard and maybe abuse any woman going through a divorce to get out of the hands of sick man.
Shame & 3ayb on anyone who would call a wonderful lady by “divorcee” aw MTAL’A while she might have so many other titles to be called: like a survivor, a hero, a decent, or simply a honorable lady.
Shame & 3ayb one anyone who would not support a woman to leave a marriage that could kill her
Shame & 3ayb on our juridical system of it doesn’t severely punish every insect called man who would even slap his wife.
Shame & 3ayb on every woman who doesn’t support an abused woman and would gossip on her, while she might be herself cheating on her husband or hiding under the fact that she is “edamyeh”…
Shame & 3ayb on every one who would judge a divorced woman and tag her, especially without knowing her story.

ENOUGH, let’s focus on the real problem, on the real source of shame.
We are in the 21st century, people are not stupid anymore.
Please can someone tell me who should be tagged as a bitch: a woman who had enough courage and dignity to leave an abusive marriage and save her precious life or another one who is hiding behind the sacrament of marriage to cheat on her husband?

Finally a word to every woman who might be reading me now, Don’t worry, your kids will survive the divorce, but they won’t survive your death, and if they do, they will be scarred forever.
And to all Lebanese, please let us focus on having an open-minded toward this problem.
Rest in Peace dear Sarah… A peace You waited for for so long.