Pursuant to the message below sent to us from MP Ghassan Moukheiber in reply to our article dated February 18th 2014 , titled “Who supported and who didn’t #Womendomesticviolence law”,

Being  a professional online happening magazine, not an “amateur” blog, not a gossip blog, we try to always be very accurate about the details we post , but it seems no one is perfect ,

We would like to clarify the following : We took our information from Kafa.org, who is a reliable source in domestic violence issues. After receiving  this message, we checked again their website and their Facebook fan page, but it seems they issued a clarification.

Therefore we suspend this post.

Thank you for your understanding.

Message received from MP Ghassan Moukheiber.

“Dear Editor of this page,
Your message was brought to my attention by a number of friends. I noticed you listed the names of MPs who didn’t support the bill/law … this list included my name!

I want you to know, and please make known, that the info written in the blog and above message is TOTALLY FALSE AND MISLEADING.

Here are the plain facts: I have worked relentlessly on the subject bill as a member of the sub-committee and made sure it included every single improvement and effective provision it contains. When we finished, the said bill was UNANIMOUSLY voted by the parliamentary Joint-Committees.

It has not been voted yet by the plenary of parliament, not because anybody opposes it (or worse, no-one had voted against!!!), but because parliament, alas, has not been meeting for the political problems we all know. I expect that the bill will become law by unanimous vote when submitted in the next plenary meeting of parliament.

Rest assured that protecting all people’s fundamental rights, including women rights for protection and equality, is still one of my political lifelong priorities and practical work. I count on you to make my position clear and widely shared.

Best.  Ghassan Moukheiber MP.”