Hadath el Jebbeh is one of the most ancient settlements in the Lebanese Mountains. Hadath el Jebbeh is located in Bcharri district, overlooking Kannoubine Valley.
Distance From Beirut: 94km. Altitude: 1,450m

Haddath el Jebbeh Cedars: It is one of the most beautiful forests in Lebanon and the east due to the density of the trees and rarity of quality among different types of cedar trees. It is one of the largest cedar forests in Lebanon and the world; the number of trees is estimated about three hundred thousand trees.

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During the reign of Prince Bashir and after suffering from a military relapse during one of his campaigns, he fled from Shouf and sought refuge at Hadath El Jebbeh. The Prince frequentedrepetitively the woods. Therefore, it has become since that period the shelter forest or the shelter of Prince Bashir.

How to reach Hadath el Jebbeh:

-Beirut-Byblos-Chekka-Amiyoun-Kousba-Tourza-You reached Lebanese Army Check Point, you go to the right direction Bcharre), Barhalioun, Bella, Hadath el Jebbeh.

For more info you can contact Hadath municipality 06978120, 71680222

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