When I saw the link about another “Lebanese” marriage proposal done the American way, I was not very enthusiastic, as I didn’t like the idea of seeing all the old Lebanese traditions fading and being replaced by occidental stuff. I don’t feel we need to copy the west in everything.
As soon as I started watching the video, I couldn’t stop from finishing, and…it literally made me cry. yes cry, not only tears in the eyes.
So wonderful to see so much love, so wonderful to see some good men still appreciating good women.
We got sick of hearing only the bad news about our wonderful guys we have always been proud of. We are tired of reading and writing about abuse and killing stories. And at the end was the “proud” Zahleh gay marriage.
Congratulations Michel and Rawia on your engagement, and thank you Michel from helping to keep the good image of the good man. Please keep your love forever, and Rawia, you need to appreciate Michel, appreciate his true love 🙂
Wonderful must watch and share video, as it brings joy and hope to all.