Nadine Labaki famous Lebanese movie director had posted on her Facebook   page a drawing of suffering children and wrote underneath her thoughts about the war that is shattering our region. She wrote:

“I am sorry! I am sorry ! I quit ! I don’t want to be here ! I don’t belong in your world ! I don’t want to breathe, eat, play, learn, laugh or dream ! I don’t want to grow up to become like you ! You have failed me! Mothers, are you sleeping at night? Fathers, are you able to close your eyes? Decision makers of the world, are you able to give orders and go on with your lives…remorseless? Why give me life if you want to take it away so quickly?

Why give me life if you re going to watch me suffer, without lifting a finger ! My little body cannot handle your wars ! I m too frail to cope with hunger, deprivation, displacement, abuse, rape! My innocent mind cannot comprehend your violence, your hatred, your perversions, your intolerance…. I m not built for this! Is it all worth it?

I had dreams, I had projects! I wanted to be just like you, a teacher, an architect, a doctor, a painter… not a killer, not a hater, not a torturer, not a rapist ! Is this what you have understood from God’s teachings ? Is this your interpretation of “Be nice”?

God is not a warlord, he is not a landlord ! Jesus, Mohammad, Moses, Buddha, whatever prophet you believe in, whatever God party you belong to! Damned be those wombs that carry us ! Damned be those seeds that give us life! No we don’t want to be born in your chaos ! We don’t belong in your world ! YOU DON’T DESERVE US!”