10 reasons why I am proud to support the Lebanese army:
In the midst of the turmoil in the Middle East and mainly in our beautiful green country, people are focused on the battles the Lebanese army is fighting in Arsal against the fanatic sick terrorists trying to start a war in Lebanon.
For the first time since long time, we notice that most of the Lebanese are gathered around our last protector and savior, after God. The Lebanese army, this army who went through all kind of hells and who fought the ugliest wars, not only against Lebanon, but also against the army itself. And it always won, and always rose like a Phoenix. No wonder, it is indeed the army of the Phoenix of the Middle East.
If we want to be fair, every citizen who does not respect and honor and support our troops doesn’t deserve the Lebanese citizenship. And if they think it is not a big loss to take it away from them, let them volunteer and give it up.
Following are 10 of the many reasons why every Lebanese should be proud to support Lebanon:
-The organization that is the least corrupted in the country
-The Lebanese army soldiers and officers had proven that they are of the strongest in the world
-They are the most courageous in the world
-They are very decent and respectful of all civilians
-They follow the humanitarian rules of the war
-Always ready to die for their country
-They are from all religions that exist in Lebanon
-Without our army, Lebanon would have vanished so long ago
-Despite their problems during the civil ear, they were always able to rise again and be the pride of all decent Lebanese
-The Lebanese soldiers and officers are real men, with great principles and values.
Let us all unite, Muslims and Christians, hand in hand, to support our great men, who proved that they are the only reliable n my country…
God bless our troops, God bless Lebanon