Great News for Lebanon this time received from so far away, from Australia: Professor Fadia Bou Dagher Ghossayn was hornored to receive the NSW Government’s Community Hero Award in the 2016 Women of the Year Awards.
Professor Fadia Boudagher Ghossayn is currently President of The Maronite Foundation ANZ & The Australian Lebanese Foundation.
I’ve known Professour Fadia since I was a student at Dental school. I was student in Saint Joseph University, and she was the dean of the Dental School at the Lebanese University. Her name was already shining as a young brilliant professional, probably the youngest dean and the first woman dean for a dental school in Lebanon. I was very impressed by her personality and by her success, she was the role model every ambitious Lebanese woman would like to follow.
Professor Fadia Bou Dagher Ghossayn was born and raised in Lebanon. Then after she moved to Australia, she kept thriving as a successful woman. She founded the Australian Lebanese Foundation in 2001 at The University of Sydney. The Foundation provides scholarships that require multi faith membership. Additionally, Fadia heads another Foundation that runs an Academy that annually calls for 15 young people from Australia to go to Lebanon to train on how to be a responsible Australian citizen. Fadia has made achievements in inspiring and mentoring young Lebanese in Australia to reach their full potential and strive for their goals while embracing Australian values. Through raising funds for scholarships and providing opportunities for all across the board, her tenacity has resulted in better cultural understanding and cooperation between Lebanese and Australian people, providing positive role models for new migrants and refugees. Not only has Fadia worked tirelessly to advocate for cultural cohesion and harmony through her work for the Australian Lebanese Foundation, she has also made an outstanding contribution by advocating for special projects and acting as a liaison between various agencies, while supporting numerous charities.

One more time, Congratulations Professor. We are proud of you as a dentist, as a woman , and as a Lebanese.