In an unprecedented step in Brazil, which includes no less than six million Lebanese  descendants, a major television stations Rede Globo, aired a TV  report about women status and  abuse in the Arab World and specifically in Lebanon.

TV report hits directly the Lebanese community in the context of women abuse and mistreatment.”Women are regarded as the private property of a man in Lebanon” was the title of the TV report that shows Lebanese women treated  badly and battered regularly with no Legal rights whatsoever.

The report called on the Brazilian women not to marry Lebanese man because they will be mistreated, and claimed that the Brazilian embassy in Lebanon has sent warnings to compatriots in the country not to marry Lebanese men.

Oh Please, and now the Brazilians are lecturing us about relationships and violence.
In this article, we won’t have enough time to talk about all kind of violence in Brazil, but we will talk about the specific subject we were attacked about: domestic violence.
Dear Sir& dear Mam, who produced this episode about Lebanese men, please if you are out of subjects to talk about, at least talk about something you are not highly rated in. You could have talked about religions in Lebanon, about war in Lebanon and even about terrorism in Lebanon, but Lebanese men, HELLOOO…
I am sure our men are not saints, but they are way much better than Brazilians. We have few cases and rare cases of domestic violence, but on the other side we have so many wonderful men who treat their wives like queens, unlike Brazilian men.
Yes, Brazil, a vibrant country of celebration and colour, hides a dark secret. Recent statistics in Brazil show that every 15 seconds a woman is assaulted; every two hours a woman is murdered; 59 per cent of people know a woman who has been a victim of violence; and 65 per cent of attacks on women happened behind closed doors. It has the seventh highest rate of violence against women in the world and within the past three decades, at least 92,000 women have been killed inside their homes. This is Brazil.

The “famous” report included a number of short interviews, one with Lebanon’s Consul General in Sao Paulo Kablan Franjieh, who talked about the status of Lebanese women, but his speech was a shortcut of 3 seconds out of an interview of one hour. It also included an interview with a Brazilian dancer of Lebanese descent who is  working in Beirut in which she spoke about the “humiliating way” that Lebanese men deal with her.

This episode has sparked angry reactions among Lebanese community in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and other major cities in that country, and social media pages were filled with the words of condemns.

Kablan Franjieh sent a message to Brasilian Tv station denouncing the false report about Lebanese men.
Franjieh said: the content of the report is exaggerated and inaccurate, which distorts the facts and exagerated exceptional cases of  the Lebanese society. He pointed out that he was hosted in the program for one hour, and he was shown the full contents beforehand.

Franjieh pointed that the image of Lebanon and the Lebanese people are very good in Brazil, and Lebanese community here revolve around success  in various economical fields, and the report mentioned in the television station is not based on any professional study.

We would thank you if you warn your ladies not to marry our men, because in fact, Lebanese are not very enthusiastic when their son marries a Brazilian woman. Those women, who, with all my respect, will do everything to catch one of our men, being so damn sure that he will treat them like a queen, and at least he won’t cheat on them, like it is the custom in Brazil. So yes, we beg you, enforce this warning and make it a Law, and punish any woman who would marry a Lebanese. You will be helping us a lot.
I love Brazil, I support Brazil in every way, not just because I like their football team, but because I know what I am talking about, having half of my siblings being Brazilians by birth. Most of my uncles and cousins for many generation are Brazilians. My parents lived in Brazil for a decade, and many of my facebook friends are Brazilians. I love them, they are all so wonderful. I love Brazil, as much as I heard my parents talk about it, as much as my parents love it. They always said, if they were not Lebanese, they would have lived forever in Brazil. But their real heaven is Lebanon. And it will always be. So please, don’t ruin its reputation by stupid shows, and be sure it won’t affect my beautiful heaven, Lebanon.

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