Christelle was next…!!!!!
Early this month , a beautiful lady died in Beirut, Manal Assi. She was tortured and bluntly killed while her family was watching, by a monster named a husband. !!!
I wrote the article WHO’S NEXT … Knowing that this kind of killings wont stop soon, especially that the murderer’s are never punished.
When I heard about Christelle last night, I simply cried, with a big feeling of guilt. Her Ex-husband to be, Roy Hayek , might have murdered her because she had enough courage to leave him.
Yes, someone should do something about it, we are all supposed to do something about it. Christelle proudly fought her battle with domestic violence . Did she fail??? NO.
Did she loose ?? NEVER. Because her death is supposed to be a push forward in the big war against domestic violence.
Jackie showed her nudity , the whole country moved , pages and causes started with thousands of fans and followers in less than 24 hours…!!!!
GREAT….!!!!!!! I supported Jackie as well . “Go Jackie Go”. My country is getting more sensitive to social and moral issues !! Youpie…
BUT, it shocks me so much that showing boobs gets more fans and likes and media attention then a broken skull , or a gorgeous lady in a coffin…!!!!!
The pages of Manal Assi and Roula Yaacoub got only hundreds of likes, while the “I am not Naked “ page, got 19,239 fans and hundreds of naked photos of women and men..!!!!! We had to see naked  bodies displayed in our newsfeed on facebook for a while.
Are we supposed to start a cause and page and call it “I am not Dead” , with women and men killing themselves to support Roula, Manal, and Christelle???
I am really wondering what is supposed to be done to make the government make a step about this . What “sexy” cause could we start to make people act .
Honestly, the thing that comes to my mind repeatedly , and probably to the mind of many of you , is that if one killer husband gets the sentence of death, and gets legally punished in public, it will make other men think twice before hitting a wife.
Unfortunately what is leading Lebanese men and all oriental men to abuse their wife is the whole old fashioned mentality. Haven’t you heard it around you , that a mother or a grand-mother was a “saint” because she never reacted to the abuse of her husband??
Haven’t you heard that a woman is a “bitch” because she left her house after she got beaten by a drunk husband for many years?
People are proud of a mother who stays in an abusive marriage to “ save” her family and her children. Because if she leaves, neither the society nor the law would support her in any way !!!! And most of the time, her own family would reject her.
In fact these women are not saints , and they wont save their families by staying stuck in those unhealthy marriages lead by sick men. Children who are raised by an abusive father and a submissive mother wont necessarily be the best assets in society. They might have lot of psychological problems.
The Lebanese man thinks that if he beats his wife, she will be ashamed to talk about it loudly, and that is why they keep on abusing her. Sorry sir, she has nothing to be ashamed of except YOU…and only YOU…!!! You are the one who have to be ashamed, and you have to put yourself in a coffin and let someone bury you alive before you touch a lady who gave you her life through a sacred sacrament .
To all the abused women in my beautiful country, we love you and we support you. Please don’t hesitate to seek help from any NGO .
I am proud of the many Lebanese NGOs born the last few years. Thank you for supporting this cause.
Hopefully we won’t see a NEXT victim soon.
To be continued….