fe4e3a58-a8d2-4b13-a5ff-4378694e6979Tomorrow evening we are hosting a dinner party. What on the menu ? Couscous !

Appetizers : 

    • Tomatoes with guacamole.
    • Mozzarella cheese and tomatoes with basil.
    • Cheese
    • Olives.
    • Houmous.
    • Almonds.

We don’t want to do too much and eccentric appetisers because the main platter is quite copious and generous.

 Main platter : 

    • Chicken and meat Couscous.

No cheese this time, we don’t want to mix too many flavours and we especially want to keep a little room for the desert. 

Desert : 

    • SPECIAL apple pie
    • Fruits platter (Watermelon, ananas…)


One of the most difficult things to do when hosting an event is to organise. You always want to do too much so the first thing to do is to write what you have to do, like I did above the menu (the shopping list, what can prepare before and what has to be done just before serving).

Like you already know, there is A LOT of things to do to have a delicious couscous. In order to prevent from giving in to stress, you can prioritise in different steps.

First of all, you have to prepare the vegetables : washing, peeling, cutting…. And this, you can do it the day before (that is what we will be doing this evening)

Little personal advice : In order to keep faith, put some music, watch a movie, steal a friend, and this never ending step will be far more entertaining. 

Regarding the appetisers, we have chosen different ones which don’t need a lot of preparation and which can be made in advance. So you can prepare your guacamole, empty your tomatoes and keep them in the fridge for them to be as fresh as possible. It is the same for the houmous and the tomatoes and mozzarella which, once on their stick, just wait to be served.

The desert is, for a lot of people, the scariest step. But it should’t. Indeed, easy desert can be far more appreciated than complicated one. When you master the art of apple pie, and believe it is not that complicated, no guest will resist in taking another bite. After a main course like the couscous, you don’t want to present something too creamy, too heavy. A fruity desert seems ideal to bring some freshness to the dinner. You end with a healthy, golden, homemade pie which can remind the guests about their childhood and it is just perfect to end a dinner. 

I will keep you updated on how we worked it through.

Enjoy !!fe4e3a58-a8d2-4b13-a5ff-4378694e6979

So here we are the day after the dinner. The appetisers were just perfect. Wonderful colours and presentation. The preparation were perfectly planned. The left-over of the couscous were also really good if not better. Moreover the guests brought some strawberries which were perfect with the other fruits. Here some pictures…