On April 1 & 2, 2016, at Beit el Nessim (Mina, Tripoli, LB), lebanese photographer Natheer Halawani held the first photo exhibition of his latest project “Eves On Wheels”.
The project focuses on women riding bicycles in conservative areas. Some, as Halawani, an avid bicycle activist and cyclist himself found out, ride for the sheer love of it, while others consciously break norms and century-old traditions. To some Eves, cycling has proved to be a bold move to stand their ground in a male dominated society and to claim back their right for equality and self-hood.
Since starting the project in mid-2015, Halawani has interviewed 12 Eves in both Beirut and Tripoli. “Eves on Wheels” is still growing and should in the near future not only include more Eves in Lebanon, but also across the Arab world and other countries.
The project has been showcased on social media, notably Facebook and Instagram, where it was well received.
The exhibition offered visitors a chance to meet the Eves and Halawani, who will were present at the opening night.

About the photographer:
Natheer Halawani, 30, is an engineer by profession, and photographer by heart. His work has been featured in several local and international media (The Guardian, CNN, L’Orient Le Jour, etc.). Natheer who hails from Tripoli focuses his lens usually on people. He has extensive experience in educational photography, photojournalism and documentary photography.

For more of Halawani’s work please check natheerhalawani.com