Amal and George Clooney news had been keeping the media busy since they announced their engagement last year.

The bride being Lebanese is what made us more interested about all the details. It was mainly positive feedback about her, except few “complaints” about her not including any Lebanese ” spirit” in her wedding. During the wedding celebrations that lasted many days, Amal, changed many outfits by international designers. None was from the country of the cedars. Knowing that the Lebanese designers have been dressing the international stars for decades now.

Nevertheless, we all still like and admire Amal, as an accomplished successful woman, and… as the wife of George Clooney of course. And who doesn’t like this charming handsome actor?!

In his latest interview with BBC, George Clooney announced his upcoming trip with his wife to her motherland.

This is big, and it will definitely make a huge media phenomena.

Would they give George the Lebanese citizenship as they did for Salma Hayek??

Maybe Clooney will be  a first and the motivation to declare the new law that allows the Lebanese woman to give her family the citizenship.  LOL   yeah, LOL……

Stay tuned…..