“Ideas worth spreading”

Our personal heroes

     Hero and heroine came into characters that, in the face of adversity and danger display bravery and the spirit of self-sacrifice. Today, there is a popularization of the word « hero », it is more generally extended to moral brilliance. As a matter of fact, they are basically defined as somebody who does something outstanding. Since our earliest years we have been presented through books, comics, cartoons or TV shows goods and evils, heroes and myths. Some people tend to believe that heroes and myths are created mainly for children to dream and to escape from reality. Can myth and heroes influence people’s choices ?


Why it is not childish to believe in superheroes

When you enter the world of superheroes you enter a new world ; A world of imagination obviously but especially of new possibilities. Like in every characters you see in them what you would like to see in yourself but above all you see that the hardships you have been through, you share them with someone fictitious, with someone with abilities, with other points of view and other reactions. Therefore, they stand for whatever you need them to be. We idealize heroes and one day or the other they will deceive us but it does not stop us to do it again. Maybe because mankind just need to dream and to see what is good inside people. Therefore we can understand why people dream even if what they dream about is unachievable but it creates hope. It is also why, from my point of view, superheroes should exist. 

I believe like Robin S. Roseberg said, that as grown-ups, it is not their superpowers which attract us but their power to stand up in front of hardships, their ability to see light in total darkness, to feel what is not necessarily good but best to do in a situation of total chaos. The Psychology of Superheroes by Robin S. Roseberg presents superheroes and their morality. When we watch superhero movies or read superhero comics, if we dreamt as a child of wearing the same suit, or of having the same superpowers, we hope as an adult to have the same moral strength, the same will to do what is just and the same loyalty toward others. Their ability to get through life as it gets harder is far more powerful than all their superpowers. Therefore, we question ourselves and like them, we hope to take what is good in hardships and what will enable us to create our future, to shape it and to embrace it, whatever what we are going through. On the opposite of what a lot of people think, It is rather their choices between good and wrong that make them do good than something in their genetics. From this point of view, there is nothing wrong in believing in someone as long as we do not fall under his/her influence. It is also the case with real human beings.

People deceive us but we admire them while they are heading for a fall

Indeed, all human beings lie, all politicians lie to a certain extend, they shade the truth. But not all lies are equal. One dimension of deception is the magnitude, how big it is. When is it okay to lie to the public ? We have to weight the causes of benefits. But nevertheless, there is a difference between minor lies, shading the truth or misleading the country and something important about public policy. You can pretend things as you like but reality has a way to catch up and the truth has a way to make itself out. However all these lies make people imperfect but they can still be virtuous.

     Do we have to consider people from their actions ? and from this point, do we still consider them for their achievements ? Is it considered « normal » to one day admire someone and to base his or her dreams and hopes on someone and the other day just throwing him away with all the dreams, all the hopes, in the forgotten world, forgetting his past. Does one action, does one mistake, does one move -right or wrong- define who you are for the rest of your life.  Therefore you may define yourself by your actions but not by other’s. There are things you can’t express or you can’t talk with people about but you find them through characters, through role-models. I believe that characters with heroic manners and mythic history can change the world however how fictitious they are like I believe that « Every child deserve a champion. ». They appeal our looks and change our point of view. Having an idol since our youngest age is a way of believing that everything is possible however the field your willing to success in. However, one action one choice can’t define one’s life. One have to constantly embrace his future. It is certain that people all around us influence our choices. It enables us to broaden our horizons. We can not trust blindly nor act blindly. Therefore only our hopes, dreams and choices can stand in the face of all adversities. 

Think further, push higher, stay cooler !