Most Lebanese always denied being Arabs. We say we are Phoenicians. We are called snobs because of this, but we don’t care.
The question is Why we are not proud of the Arab identification. The answers are many, but the main is obvious, Arabs are cowards. They don’t unite, they don’t fight enemies, and instead, they fight each others.
Rare if none are the times where we saw an Arabic heroic action happen.
Till this, when a king appeared on his glorious white horse to fight evil. Like in a fairy tale, king Abdallah of Jordan rose and fought the evil who dared to harm one of his men. He interrupted his trip to America to react to this horrific and ugly killing by ISIS, of one of his pilots. This killing that made the world, even the Imam of the Azhar react and feel insulted as a Muslim by such actions.
This Killing that made USA and the world world feel ashamed and little in front of this Knight who was the only one to really dare ISIS. Emirates and all their black gold power backed up. Americans remembered coward was their president when his men died in the American embassy in Benghazi, when he didn’t even bother to interrupt his golf game.
One day after one of his hero pilots was burned alive by ISIS, and broadcast for a horrified world to see, King Abdullah of Jordan took swift and decisive action.
First, he executed the two ISIS prisoners who the group had sought to be released, hanging them by the neck at dawn the next morning.
Then, in an unprecedented act of personal vengeance, the King, a trained pilot, was said to be planning to personally lead a combat mission to bomb ISIS positions in Syria.
This king gave back some faith in the Arab countries and in real heroes.
Latest positive reaction is a video from the Telegraph magazine, that shows a 60 seconds video about the life of King Abdallah of Jordan.
LONG LIFE KING ABDALLAH, the King of all Arabs.