The Polish Embassy in Lebanon has launched a special campaign to save White Storks that are shot in Lebanon on their migration way to Poland.
“Over 62 bird species fly over Lebanon (and the Levant region) to reach their destination in Poland. Most bird migrations take place in March and April.

Among other birds, a White Stork, which, to us, is not only a migrating bird as many other species but an important legendary bird that has appeared in folk tales and traditional Polish fables over centuries. Small children often think they were brought to the world by a white stork. From a very early age they read stories and poems about storks. Adults repair nests scattered over their farms and gardens awaiting the arrival of their beloved birds. They  believe the birds will bring luck and prosperity. White Storks are very close to our hearts.

Nature-lovers protect areas where storks feed and study these beautiful birds. Sick birds, which wouldn’t be able to make it to the warm countries of Africa, find refuge in Poland. Vets treat them and once healthy enough to fly away they are set free. Researchers put special rings on nestlings’ legs that help observe birds and study their journeys.

Unfortunately, a growing number of nests remain empty and deserted, their inhabitants will never make it to Poland as they used to over centuries. They will not be killed by predators. They will be killed by humans. Hence our appeal to all nature-lovers, also here, in Lebanon, to protect White Storks which are part of nature shared by all humans regardless of geographical location.

Our special thanks for an active campaign to protect storks go to Polish and Lebanese NGOs: TERRE LIBAN and Grupa Ekologiczna as well as to Ogólnopolskie Towarzystwo Ochrony Ptaków. We would also like to encourage  other organizations (schools among them) and individuals to join us in our actions to inform and educate people on White Storks.

Check the chocking video on top.

Pictures taken from Lebanese Facebook

white stork lebanon