MASKHARA, a Lebanese word that summarizes what LBC did by receiving the criminal Fadel Chaker lately. I tried to find an English translation for it but I failed.
LBC, “THE” Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation, was at one point, the prime tv station in Lebanon and the Middle East. This station was our first step in the modern world through the satellite television. Despite the high competition of tv stations, despite all their legal problems, we all have for it some kind of nostalgia and respect as anyone would have for a big brother.

Today I will be talking as a Lebanese citizen, as I am not a journalist and I am not a political analyst. I am someone who believes that Lebanon is the most beautiful country in the world, no matter what the rest of the world thinks about it.
I am a simple humble professional citizen who adores Lebanon, I adore its land, its weather, its history, its diversity, its culture, its craziness and yes, its people… But most of all, I adore, admire and highly respect the Lebanese army. It is a red line that no one should ever cross.

I was so shocked when I saw that LBC received the high level criminal, former singer and actual assassin Fadel Chaker. It sounded to me like if a king is proudly dating a prostitute!!!!!!!!
Congratulation Mr Daher for this scoop you made through Fadel Chaker. You probably predicted a scoop that will bring back some of the golden aura of the old LBC. It was a huge scoop indeed, and I am sure much bigger than your expectations. Right? The difference is the color. Unfortunately for you it was not gold. Maybe you have the same problem of this black and blue dress issue. A vision enigma or color blindness.

Something is sure; this interview dug the grave of LBC who is now in intensive care as for the Lebanese viewers. You need a real miracle and lot of prayers to save it.
My suggestion for you is another kind of scoop, a public and loud apology from the soul of all the Lebanese army martyrs first, from the whole Lebanese army institution, and last but not least, from the Lebanese citizens who trusted and respected you for decades.
As bloggers, we are always very careful about our words and our reliability. And we had to apologize for one or two mistakes we did. A lot more is expected from LBC.
I have a question for LBC people: what was the incentive for you to think or even accept the idea of interviewing this scam? Was it a huge amount of money that could rescue you from an imminent bankruptcy? Was it the idea of a scoop? Did you really believe in forgiveness and giving a second chance?
Shame on you people helping outlaws on the run.
Bottom line: we are disgusted and disappointed. This ugly devil might have thought that if he shaves his beard he would become a saint. He thought we would believe his lies.
Better for you Fadel to stay hidden in your cave, or follow your master and guru el Assir wherever hell would take him.
You guys always rely on the fact that gentle people and mainly Christians always forgive, as taught by Jesus. But unfortunately you abused and took us for granted.
No, we will never forget the 23rd of June 2013. No we won’t forget any other of those black days where your comrades attacked and back stabbed the Lebanese army. In fact this is the only way for you to get close from them, from the back, as cowards as you are.

To Fadel Chaker and all his stupid gang, to all the followers of his sick masters I say,
GO BURN IN HELL, or in fact stay in it, as you are already in Hell. And be sure that your fire is colder than ice compared to when you face the Lebanese army, who never failed, and God willing will never fail defeating you. This army protected mainly by The Virgin Mary and Jesus who are everywhere, and represented by the statues over the hills of Keserwan.