So many people wonder how Lebanon is staying safe despite all the wars and hate around and inside the country.
Lebanon has always been and will always be saved by its many Saints, including Saint Charbel, Saint Rafka, Saint Hardini and many others. In one of His visits to Lebanon, Saint Pope John Paul II told the Lebanese that they don’t need to do any pilgrimages outside Lebanon, Lebanon is the land of saints.
For many reasons, Saint Charbel is the most “famous” Lebanese Saints. During his life he obtained a wide reputation for holiness and he has been canonized by the Catholic Church. Many name their sons after Him, especially if they had trouble having children. Saint Charbel made a huge number of miracles, many are known others are not even declared. He is a silent powerful priest who started doing miracles while He was still alive. He never discriminates and He became international. He has some kind of peaceful power that we will hit you as soon as you step in the small hermitage where he lived his last years.
Exactly 22 years ago on the 22nd of January 1993, a middle age lady declared that she underwent a miraculous surgery by Saint Charbel, which saved her life. Nouhad Chami, said that Saint Charbel gave her the message to announce and spread the news of her miracle and ask people to believe and come visit his hermitage every 22nd of the month.And on this day of every month, the wounds of Nouhad will bleed as it did just after the surgery.
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Saint Charbel, Pray for us