The art of soap has been booming for the last few years. There has been an increase in handmade soap companies in the world, but the most important one is in Lebanon.
The Bader Hassoun and Sons soap company has unveiled the “most expensive soap in the world,” made of pure gold dust, olive oil and virgin honey and embedded with diamonds, at the Qatar Pool and Spa 2013 at the Doha Exhibition Centre. The cost is around 2800$ for a 160gr bar.
“Our company, based in Lebanon, has been known for specializing in natural and organic beauty products for years and we have very committed patrons due to this specialization,” said Dr Bader Hassoun, whose family has been in the soap making business for over eight centuries.
He said that the soap, though highly valued, has not been produced for commercial purposes, though it was earlier reported that it will be available for sale in Al-Saboun City Center – one of the company’s six branches in Qatar.

“We have made only this one piece in order to showcase our capabilities for inventions in soap making and just to express our respects for royalty. So, the soap will not be for sale,” he maintained.
Before that soap, Cor was the most expensive soap in the world. It was produced by Plank—a producer of yoga-themed products. The ingredients that made Cor the most expensive are the following:
chitosan to even out skin tone, sericin—a silk extract—to trap moisture and provide UV protection and four types of collagen to help maintain skin structure. Silver, a known antibacterial agent. z
The price of this soap is 125$ for a 120grams bar.