Our sword is our cross
You devils of this century, creators of the worst crimes of the history, ISIS, Nasra, Da3esh or whatever they call you.
Where the hell did u come from? What dumpster did spit you? Where do you think you are going?

The last few months had been very scary in the Middle East, da3esh is here and all the talk is about it. It was even able to overcome the Ebola outbreak, an African virus that is supposed to be the worst killer. But our Middle Eastern virus Da3esh was able to be uglier and dirtier.

They say they were created by USA, or by Syrian president Asad, or by Qatar, or or or…. Who cares who created them, this is not the issue. The issue is who will end them, and the answer is here, we will end them, our cross will do.

You monsters who are killing the innocents, from children, women old people and even soldiers, you are the lowest of the scum on earth.
For the first time in my whole life I feel I can kill.

No matter how badly a real Christian had been betrayed and hurt, He is always able to forgive in the name of Jesus Christ, our teacher and Leader, the son of God and the father of all the humanity.

But every time I see those cowards hidden under their black gowns, holding a sword and decapitating innocents, I have this strong feeling that they should be terminated. Yes terminated like a pest, like an insect and like a virus.

Do they think they can manipulate the humanity? It seems they do think so, and they did believe their lie. Some sick monsters lead by some political vampires who drug them and give them weapons won’t be able to end the history of the Christians.

Not even the minister Rifaii who is protecting their “honor” by punishing the christians who burned their flag. No Mr minister, those champs didn’t insult God, nor the Islam, by burning the word Allah, because Allah himself is not accepting what people are doing under his name. Stop this comedy, it won’t go further.

To all who it may concern on the whole planet, you won’t ever be able to realize your dream of dominating and invading the world, because a world without Christians won’t exist, and simply because, no matter how sweet and forgiving we look like, but we are always ready to die for the honor or our cross, which has always been and will always be our sword, our invincible arm.

Lebanon always wins, no matter who the enemies are. And if you get closer to Lebanon, it means you are digging your own grave in our backyard. Unlike most of our cheap politicians, our soldiers are heroes, either Muslims or Christians, they will all die to save our country, and the Lebanese will unite to support our troops.

God bless Lebanon, God bless our army.
( the real God, not the da3esh one of course).