Choosing shoes to match an outfit could soon be as simple – and cheap – as pressing a button on a smartphone.

A seven-person Lithuanian startup has designed a range of footwear that changes color and design thanks to flexible e-ink displays built into the sides.

The range also has ‘anchors’ on the toe and heel so physical accessories can be added to the Volvorii Timeless smart shoes.
VID: Shoes That Change Colour And Pattern Using App

They’re called Volvorii Timeless smart shoes and what’s so special about them is that they change color in the click of a smartphone app (iOS and Android versions to come).
Not sure which heels to wear with that little black dress? Need to morph from business casual to night club slick, but no time to shift shoes? No stress. Leave it to the Internet of Stilettos.
Close your eyes, tap your app three times and think to yourself, “There are no heels like these.” Because, honey, there aren’t. Not yet.
these high-tech pumps are digital chameleons for your fancy feet. They’re made of leather and rubber and outfitted with hidden circuitboard, Bluetooth and battery components. And, here’s the kicker, they’re pimped out with electronic (e-ink) “paper” that you control with a companion app, altering the look of the flexible digital panel that spans from the top of the toes on up the sides of the pumps.

Depending on what your outfit calls for, or your mood, you can switch the Volvorii’s smart display panel from black to white to a chic Louis Vuitton-inspired black and white pattern.
Click on the top photo to watch the video about the smart Shoes….