While the end of another Lebanese summer is starting , a sad closure ended a big “file” that had been hanging for over three years.

What politicians and media call “file” is in fact the life of nine exceptional heroes from the Lebanese army.

Kidnapped, tortured and killed in the ugliest ways I don’t even dare to imagine. While on “duty”? No…!!!
Many ugly souls dare to say that it is not a big deal when soldiers die on “duty”, it is their job, they are hired to do it. No and No…!!
They are not “hired” to die, but they have the courage to apply to the most decent job ever, knowing that death is one of the risks they take.

I always feel blessed and honored to be Lebanese, and very proud to be from Akkar, the homeland of most of the Lebanese army soldiers and martyrs.
I know those people closely, they are real men of honor, coming from families who feel proud to give their children’s life to save others. Yes proud, but not happy…!!! Especially when their life is taken for granted..!! Especially when their life is taken so others can grow their fortune..!!

If we are still alive working, partying and enjoying our festivals in Lebanon, it is ONLY because of those heroes, and all the Lebanese army. It is the only institution that is not corrupted. The only one working and “fighting” to save Lebanon. It is because of them that we can still feel safe to live in this tiny piece of heaven.

Yes dear, not all Lebanon is corrupted, there are a bunch of real men, great leaders working discretely but fiercely in the army. Some big living heroes who don’t care to be famous and rich, but who genuinely care about Lebanon. Those big officers with a tough look but soft heart who literally cry the loss of life of their men or any soldier. Yes, those heroes give us hope that the species of men was not extinct and that Lebanon will never vanish.

We are all responsible of this crime. Yes We, including me, you and everyone calling themselves Lebanese. While we were dining, partying and shopping , those soldiers were getting tortured, threatened and at the same minute we were sitting in our couch watching their parents crying from their tents in Beirut.
Did we ever try to help in any way? Did we at least visit them one day? All we had done was saying a “haram” and “allah yse3edon” when seen on television…!!! We should have all raised the voices against all the corrupted politicians responsible of this crime.

The social media had been so active since yesterday about this subject. People are mad to see the heroes coming back “home” in coffins while the murderers going back to their caves in air conditioned buses…!!!
Hell no….!!!!!!! This is not acceptable… They should have been executed on the spot..!! Why didn’t this happen?? People are wondering if there wasn’t some hidden deal behind all this mystery…
This whole matter is fishy, and indeed, it smells  rotten fish, like some ugly heartless souls selling Lebanon.

Let’s wait and see what will the government do next…. Hold your breath, but don’t have high expectations ..!!!
Meanwhile, rest in peace our Heroes…. Our saviors…. وليكن ذكركم موءبدا…!!