Trash is falling, all around us,

Children Playing, having fun….

Lala lala …lala la….

It is the season, for Election…

President absent….

Merry Summer…. Everyone…..

No no, it is not the Christmas song….it is the summer one…..

Hmmm….. the strange thing is that yes, we are all merry and Joyful, enjoying one crazy summer….
Festivals are loudly successful all over the country, restaurants are full, sea resorts are fully booked, impossible to find a table at any of the nightclubs etc etc….. How is all this happening while the country is literally drowning under all kind of trash. From the garbage kind of trash to the political kind. Yes, Lebanon is a miracle country, balad el 3ajeyeb. Maybe that is why our politicians are 3ajibeh adrab men 3ajibeh….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are the politicians so stupid no to see the imminent danger, or maybe they are already preparing the Plan B to save the country from the hell it is heading to?

We were happy that this year nothing interrupted the summer season: no bombs, no fights. But for some reason it seems the war against our dear country came under another face this time, a trashy one, much uglier than any other weapon. It is scary. So scary.

Yes, we are Phoenicians, children of the Phoenix…… But i guess this time the Phoenix won’t rise, as he will probably die either from the smell or from the diseases that won’t be late to start.

Why are we silent? I don’t know… are we hopeless? I don’t know…..

Over ten days ago, few activists that I prefer to call heroes dared to face the devil, and as little as this bunch of real men were, they dared to demonstrate and scream loudly their objections. The result was even uglier than the problem. Their were fought like if they were terrorists, some jailed others wounded. Shame on us, all Lebanese who are still watching this happen… Shame on each and everyone who doesn’t support those guys. Shame on anyone and everyone who would vote again for any of those politicians.
A week ago, more people demonstrated against the corruption and pollution. Majority were decent citizens fed up from the unacceptable situation. Few “bad guys” invaded the crowd and started creating a big mess. The ISF had to protect the official site and of course their objection was loud and harmful to many. This created and organized chaos was meant to put an end for this demonstration that obviously bothered and scared all the politicians in the country. it seems they really believed that their followers are blind and stupid. They forgot that injustice, pain and starvation create revolutions.
This time it is real, it is here and for good. Lebanese won’t accept to be slaves to anyone.
This time and for the first time I see that the politicians are somehow confused, despite their arrogance and insolence.
This time the the crowd is loud, and cheating is not allowed…..
No trash in Akkar, no trash in any beautiful Lebanese site. If you cannot solve the problem, step off and leave the job for others who are able to do it…

Let us all join the peaceful ( at least from one side) demonstration with the group #YOUSTINK طلعت ريحتكم at the martyr’s Square in Beirut today at 6:00 pm …..Join us to clean up the real trash from the government before cleaning it from the streets….

I guess this time we should work on cleaning up the country from the trashy and stinky politicians before anything else.

Good luck to all of us in saving this country one more time from this trash.