Since the inception of Internet in Lebanon in 1996, the network connection speed & prices were caught into a rollercoaster of ups & downs.

A subtle marriage between mediocrity and mafia business that ended up being a nightmare for consumers and aficionados of the Information Highways (the other name of the Internet).

The typical leitmotiv of all Internet users for more than 20 years was resumed in 3 words: Connection is bad!

And it’s getting worse!

Alike the mobile phone field (another story of Godfathers & Gangsters) the big (and I mean BIG) responsible of the Internet communications infrastructure were just avid on how to make money through unscrupulous ways from the hopeless Lebanese Internet users.

Thus rather than expanding & developing the network through the different resources of technologies (microwave, fiber optics…etc) all was done to slow down the connection speed and open the door to illegal ways of selling Internet to the public.

Do you remember the Internet cable providers in the streets? Similar to the TV dish & generators providers?

Do you remember that we only got large scale DSL connection in 2010? While it was common sense in Europe and the US since at least the year 2000?

And still today, the average bill for an Internet subscription is 20$ with limited bandwidth, while in Europe its 10$ with unlimited bandwidth, free phone calls (national & international) and a large array of TV stations!

The recent scandal that rocked the Lebanese Internet scene is just a very small tip of the iceberg. Illegal businesses selling Illegal product to users in need! All under the auspices and protection of the security & legal powers.

This country is so messed-up that diving into the abyss of corruption would require superhuman powers to get back safely and incarcerate the bad guys. Unfortunately!

Until then we will still be “enjoying” our expensive, slow & limited Internet connection, or get a better (and illegal) deal while being robbed by Mr. 2eedo tayleh!

Better than nothing! Typical Lebanese solution!