Much was said about Haifa since her debut as a singer. All professionals, critics, lovers and haters bet that Haifa success will collapse within short time, but the Haifa Phenomenon was going strong.

Haifa became an Icon/Diva, and  “a la Haifa” became more of a steady trend that never had faded throughout the years.

Haifa knows how to act, how to dance , how to sing, how to dress, how to use social media and for sure how to attract. Hayyouf excels in teasing her haters #KissMyHighheels, or pleasing her fans, and for sure she knows how to impress a whole generation.
Haifa became a marketing model worth to be studied.

This time Haifa hits again with her new movie Halawet el Rouh, a much controversial movie that tells the story of a women suffering in a dull society. Haifa convinced us with her role, her performance and left us crying at the end of the movie.


Haifa #KissMyAss