Ramez Galal is an Egyptian actor, host of the prank series Ramez In Control, also known as “Ramez Wakel el-Gaw,”. The show premiered earlier this month, and it seems every episode revolves around the same plane crash trick. As part of the show, Galal invites celebrities to a supposed event in Dubai.

At one point, he invites them onto a small plane so they can take a tour of the city. Shortly after takeoff, alarms go off inside the plane, and the star starts freaking out.
Most of the victims are Arabs. But the latest one was Paris Hilton, who fell for the awful, incredibly stupid prank. Understandably, the victims are not only stunned, they are also quite pissed. And Galal is actually happy at their reaction, exclaiming that they “succeeded.” The closer the victim is from having a deadly heart attack, the happier Galal and his stuff are.

Hilton has never made mention of the stunt on social media, but the footage was reportedly able to air because she had signed a consent form before the charade began.
She is eventually invited onto a jet, believing she and other guests are going on a 15-minute aerial tour of the city. After takeoff, the pilot begins doing stunts in the air that make it seem like the plane is plummeting, and alarms inside the cabin start going off. As one might expect in that situation, Hilton begins freaking out.
The star cries and screams as chaos erupts, and she’s made to think her only option is to jump out of the plane, and then led to believe they’ll land in water. After a number of terrifying minutes, the flight safely comes to a stop on the runway. It’s only after Hilton gets off, still crying, that she’s told it was all a prank.

What was surprising is how an American and someone as eccentric as Paris Hilton would be much more decent than an Arab in their reaction. Paris made a little prayer before the flight started, and at the end, she cried and asked about if the guy who was thrown from the plane was safe. Something none of the Arab guests did. No one had this human reaction, and instead, many, especially Nichan, were cursing and insulting.
Some are wondering if Hilton or any other victim of this show actually did know about the prank in advance. But she insisted on Twitter that this was not the case. “Scariest moment of my life,” she tweeted alongside an article about the prank. “I really believed the plane was going to crash & we were all going to die.”

This prank show which is a good business deal for its owners, might seem successful, funny and even hilarious for some. It is indeed when you are watching it, knowing that it is just a prank. But it is not funny at all for the victims, who in fact think they are going to die, especially that we saw lately many plane crashes causing lot of death.

Galal is going too far in his crazy joke, and I wonder how till now nobody sued him yet. It might be the big amount of cash he gives to the star. Did anyone think about the effect of this prank? Did he bother to ask a psychologist if it will cause a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which may last a lifetime? Or maybe a physical heart damage that will appear after while.

The show faced cancelation earlier this year, but not because of how upsetting the pranks appear to be for the show’s victims. According to website Albawaba, Egypt’s prosecutor general filed a lawsuit against Galal for reportedly “stealing the show’s idea from Prosecutor General Ashraf Atef.”
Previously, the host has tricked guests into believing they were being eaten by live sharks in the ocean, so clearly, Galal has no limits.
Good luck to Ramez Galal and his victims in this show.A show that is much closer from being a horror movie than a comedy show. Looking forward to see him fall in a good prank himself.