Sorry ladies, I would like to interrupt your manicure, or your botox session….but I have few words to say.
Have you heard about this  wonderful young lady who was killed in a very brutal and inhumane way couple of days ago in the heart of Beirut, the most beautiful city in the middle east ???
The entire country is talking about it. We didn’t forget yet  the story of Roula Yacoob, murdered by her husband Karam al Bazi.
Al Bazi was released as innocent last month, which obviously gave the freedom and the “right” to other monsters to proudly kill their wife.
Mouhammad al Nouhaily, killed his wife Manal Assi ,  in front of her family.  No one had the right to take action or call the police. What would the police have done anyway????  This is a question we need to choose an answer for. Yes WE, THE WOMEN, the Lebanese women.
Everyone blames the husband, but some also blame her family who left her in the hands of this monster.
Yes, her husband is the number one monster and her  killer to blame.
Yes, her family should have removed her from his hands, not only the day she got killed , but from the first day they knew he abused her, physically and even verbally.
Yes, our irresponsible government is also to blame.
But do you know who is the most criminal in all???? WE are the criminals , The Lebanese women.
We are proud that the Lebanese woman is known to be one of the most beautiful and elegant ladies on earth. It is no longer enough…!!!!!
While busy at the Salon doing the manicure and “brushing”, other ladies are getting beaten to death. !!!
In fact, if we think why the Lebanese women take so much care of their look, we can easily find the answer : to please the shallow and sick mind of some men, who only view the woman as an object.
They only see her outside, she can never please Mr Macho, no matter what she does. That is why some women look like freaks after so many procedures. Because they are married to mentally ill men, who are abusing them , always threatening them directly or indirectly, that they can easily be replaced by another women. Don’t we all hear it every day that ” for each Lebanese man, there are at least 7 women” ???
Please ladies, WAKE UP…and think about it…. WHO’S NEXT….?????
Be sure, ANYONE could be the next Roula or Manal.  Abuse is everywhere, in all social levels, education levels, or religions.
Manal and Roula, we promise you, sooner or later, your murderers will be behind bars.
R.I.P Gorgeous Ladies…we love you..!!!!