Football fans in the Middle East will still have to pay to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup legally.

The rights to air games in the Middle East and North Africa are held by  Al Jazeera  Group, which charges new subscribers about $250 for an annual package of channels that includes games from the upcoming tournament in Brazil.

ZDF was willing to air the world cup for free to Middle East and North Africa on HotBird, but following a  a lawsuit against ZDF, Al Jazeera Group had won the battle and obtained the exclusive live broadcasts rights from FIFA.

With the removal of their encrypted World Cup coverage, ARD and ZDF avoid a legal dispute with the rights holder in these territories.

In Lebanon, rumors are circulating that Al Jazeera will give the broadcast rights to Tele Liban for free….News not confirmed till now.

Being a football fan myself, I had watched all World cup since childhood in my village, with my friends and in different venues. Football memories are linked to our Lebanese collective memory, inta ma3 min bil Mondial????

Will Al Jazzeera ban our” rights” to watch Ka2ess el 3alam????